Business and Innovations Compass

The business and innovation compass is a tool that can be used as a self-assessment method for finding out business development needs. The tool is developed from academic scales and designed to draw attention to a number of generic business dimensions including: market orientation, creative work environment, product, process, administration, and entrepreneurial orientation.  

At first, you will be asked to enter some general information about your company. Thereafter follows questions related to the business dimensions. You will be asked to fill these out from the perspective of the past (three years ago), present (today), and future (in three years).

Based on your responses the diagnostic tool will draw your attention to the business dimensions that you need to develop and ask you how you will go about this. You will also have the possibility  to send in your contact information if you would like to discuss your responses and future business development with a trained business coach.

Finally, you will have the option to view aggregated statistics to see how others have responded to the same questions.